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Beat the Heat on Moving Day!

The end of the summer can have you feeling exhausted and sluggish. If you have a move coming up, make sure you take the proper precautions against the heat when preparing. Planning ahead and being careful during the process can really save you a lot of trouble in the end.

Here are a few tips to help plan a summertime move:

  1. Plan ahead — make a move plan that includes pre-packing and organization. The more time saved on moving day, the better.  If it’s really hot on move day, you and your crew will want to spend as little time on packing and organizing as possible.
  2. Start early — schedule your movers early in the morning and try to get the heavier items loaded before the summer mid-day sun gets too hot.
  3. Avoid traffic — keeping your route shorter will help keep the truck cool.
  4. Start with outdoor work – if you have patio or deck furniture, planters, or any other outdoor furniture, pack that first thing in the morning, before it gets too hot. Work on inside stuff during the high heat of the day.
  5. Keep A/C on and stay hydrated – you may want to blast the A/C while movers are working inside and outside of your home. Make sure there is accessible drinking water. If possible, turn on the A/C at your new house before you arrive there.
  6. Use fans – placing a fan right inside of the front door will provide heat relief.
  7. Be mindful of your items – electronics, instruments, and other more delicate items can be sensitive to heat and sun. Make sure to not leave them exposed for long periods of time.
  8. Eat snacks – fruit and granola bars are great snacks for keeping up energy!


Beat the heat with a cool move. Call AAA Flat Rate today to get started with your end of summer move.

Happy Moving!