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What to Know About Summer Moving

The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping, and you’re moving! Summer is the perfect time of year to dive into a relocation, but keep in mind of the planning that goes into moving during this popular season. Even though many opt to move during the summer, with the right considerations in mind, you can make this the ideal season for you to relocate. Planning on completing a move this summer, but not sure what to expect? Keep reading to discover our six things to know about summer moving!

How to Plan a Summer Move

As the busiest time of the year for moving, it’s important to start planning your summer move well in advance – and even during spring! Follow the below tips to make your summer move an easy one.

  • Start Cleaning Early

Spring is infamous for being the best time of year to clean out your home, as it provides the perfect opportunity to purge all the items you no longer want or need. This also makes spring the perfect time to start preparing for a summer move and cleaning early. Instead of waiting until later in the springtime to get started on your decluttering process, it’s ideal to begin the task a bit ahead of time so your spring cleaning has long since been completed when your move comes around. 

Why is decluttering so essential ahead of your summer move? Completing a thorough declutter allows you to cut down on the items you no longer want or need, which can go a long way in reducing the amount of time, energy, and money you put into the packing and moving process. Because moving companies assess your price based on the weight of the items they will need to carry, you can save a lot of money by eliminating unneeded items prior to the assessment. 

Additionally, once you take the time to donate, sell, or throw away your extra belongings, you will spend a lot less time packing and unpacking your items. This can be especially valuable since moving can be a long and tiring process, so any area where you can cut down on time is useful.

  • Book Ahead (and Be Flexible)

Since summer is peak moving season, this is definitely the time of year where things start to gear up for moving companies and their schedules are rapidly filling. Rather than waiting until the last minute and risking the possibility that you can’t book the dates you need, start reaching out to moving companies during the spring months. By starting in advance, you have a much higher likelihood of easily booking your dates, and you may even be able to get a lower price from your movers.

Many moving companies offer these discounts as incentives to customers who book early. Plus, if you have flexibility about which dates you’re looking for, you may be able to access lower rates.

  • Consider School Schedules

Many families with school age children opt to move during the summer months because their children are on summer vacation so they don’t need to work around their school schedule. The good news is that you can still complete an easy and convenient relocation during the summer even with the added competition if you consider the best way to work with your schedule.

If you’re able to, you might find that working your move into your children’s summer break can be the most seamless way to tackle the task. This can be an effective approach to reduce the amount of time your children need to take off from school, as well as potentially making the transition to a new school easier for them.

  • Combat Allergy Season

During spring and summer months, one of your biggest opponents is none other than pollen. As you’re going through the process of moving your boxes out of your former home and into your new home, this dreaded pollen is bound to make its way inside, resulting in lots of sneezing and scratchy throats.

To minimize these effects as much as possible, it’s important to prevent pollen from tracking inside, as well as covering your boxes and furniture to prevent pollen from building up on them before you bring them inside. That way, you can remove the covers and reduce the pollen inside your home. If all else fails, though, plan to have allergy medication on the ready.

  • Check The Forecast

Summer is notorious for being somewhat unpredictable in the weather department. Hot, sunny, rainy — you can experience all of this on the same day during the summer or late spring in many areas.

To properly prepare for the weather conditions on the day of your move, keep a close eye on the forecast, as things can easily vary and change during this time of year. Do what you can to prepare for unexpected rain showers or unreasonable heat, as these are very real possibilities, especially depending on where you live. 

  • Beat the Heat

If it does end up being hotter than expected on moving day, never fear. Although it might not be the ideal situation for such a busy day, it can certainly still be tackled successfully. If possible, start early in the morning before you reach the peak of the day’s heart, giving you a head start on the hot weather conditions. Remember to take plenty of breaks, and stay hydrated (and help your movers stay hydrated too!). Eating and drinking enough throughout the day is crucial to keeping your energy up. 

Ready for Your Summer Relocation? 

With these aspects in mind, you now know the most effective ways to prepare for your summer move. If you’re looking to complete the job with the help of a reputable moving company, trust none other than AAA Moving & Storage to make your summer move a breeze.

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Moving to Florida? West Coast vs. East Coast

It’s no secret that there are plenty of differences between the West Coast and the East Coast of the United States. For years, people have debated about what qualifies each side as the best coast, with natives of each area proclaiming their love for their respective sides.

If you’re moving to Florida, you can expect to discover a lot of interesting aspects about the state itself, many of which can only be found on the East Coast. Want to discover what you should learn about Florida prior to your relocation? Interested in the differences between the coasts? Keep reading to learn more!

Why Move to Florida?

So you’re moving to Florida, otherwise known as the Sunshine State. Over 21 million people call this state home, and there’s a reason why so many people flock here. First and foremost, vacationers and residents alike seek out the gorgeous weather in Florida.

The state is well known for its beautiful beaches, sunny skies, and warm temperatures. If you’re used to living in a colder state, relocating to Florida might just make you feel like you’re on vacation every day. In fact, with all the tourist attractions around here, you can feel like a tourist too even as a resident!

Benefits of Moving to Florida

Aside from the stunning climate and scenic views, living in Florida has wonderful financial benefits. Florida is one of nine states with no state individual income tax.

This is a great perk for your finances. Additionally, although the major cities in Florida might be a bit more costly, it’s not difficult to discover a lower cost of living in other areas of the state. You can find options that meet any budget in the Sunshine State.

Finally, Florida has a laid-back lifestyle that can’t be replicated. Because of Florida’s beautiful beachy way of life, you can expect to find a type of relaxation that you likely won’t discover elsewhere. With so many opportunities to spend time on the beach and enjoy various attractions, you can enjoy life to the fullest if you settle in to Florida.

Differences Between the East Coast and the West Coast

Although both coasts have their own charms, they have a lot of differences. Find out more about these contrasts below!

Lifestyle: The East Coast is frequently regarded as having a faster pace than the West Coast, with much more hustle and bustle. Although this is different from Florida, which is an exception to that East Coast rule, many areas of the East Coast are a bit busier. When this side of the country is brought to people’s minds, they often think about New York’s fast-paced vibe, which greatly contrasts the West Coast’s most notable city, Los Angeles.

Culture: When people think of the West Coast, they tend to think of a culture that’s focused on health, wellness, and a culture that focuses on issues such as environmentalism. On the other hand, the East Coast is known for its edgier vibe. These differences come down to the people themselves, making the residents a defining aspect of each coast.
Geography: Finally, although each coast has its own beaches to boast of, these beaches are not made equally. While the East Coast has sandy shores, the West Coast beaches are more full of rocks and have colder waters. The West Coast also has desert areas, which the East Coast doesn’t have.

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