Top Moving Mistakes

Moving is an exciting time in life but overlooking some small things can lead to costly mistakes. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of common pitfalls to take into consideration that will save you money, time, and hopefully a bit of sanity.

Overpacking Boxes

It’s easy to get carried away and start trying to fit as many things as you can into boxes with the idea that you’re being more efficient. However, overpacking can lead to items being damaged, or even being so heavy they make it difficult to carry. If you’re using very large boxes, it’s possible they become so heavy it leaves potential for the bottom to fall out, which means time wasted cleaning up, and possible damage to what was inside.

 It’s easy to overestimate weight, especially with books, so test lift heavy boxes to get an idea for what you think a reasonable weight is and then pack the others to that metric. Boxes are cheap compared to other aspects of the move (often free if you take the time to procure them beforehand) so there’s really no reason to overpack.

Not Downsizing

Moving is a great opportunity to put into perspective the things you want, need, and have been hoarding for no reason. There’s no sense in paying people to move things that have been collecting dust, transporting them in a truck, and then unloading them somewhere they won’t be used. It’s a much better idea to either donate or sell them beforehand, and the extra money can even go towards your moving budget.

Not Labeling Your Boxes

Before the movers come and haul everything away, make sure you label your boxes room by room and mark ones that contain important items you plan on using immediately. Taking a little time here will save a lot of it when you’re unpacking in your new home. An added benefit to this will be the mover’s ability to take boxes to the proper room without your direct supervision.

Not Protecting Your Items with Packing Material

When you know you’re moving, start saving air packs, bubble wrap, and kraft paper from your online orders in advance. When you’re finally ready to get packing, buy some more if you don’t have enough on hand – it will almost certainly be cheaper than replacing damaged items from not using enough.

Socks, t-shirts, and blankets can also be used to protect fragile items on a budget, and it’s a frugal way to save some cash since they’re headed to the same destination anyway. When it comes to dishes, they’re best packed sideways rather than on top of each other. Liquor stores often have sturdy, partitioned boxes that were designed to carry wine bottles, and they’re great for drinking glasses and other small, fragile items.

Last Minute Packing

No one operates well when they’re overwhelmed. Start as early as you can, even if it just means making a checklist of important items when you realize you’re planning on moving. It’s best to take inventory of large items, and to make note of what you use most often. This way they can be unpacked and arranged in your new home by order of priority. Taking your time and starting early means it’s easier to stay organized, and you won’t have a bunch of boxes full of random, miscellaneous items with no idea where to put anything.

Not Having Help

We know it may be tempting to do it all on your own, but underestimating how much energy and planning it takes to pull off a successful move is the number one mistake people make. It’s never a bad idea to have friends and family members help when you’re moving in, particularly when it comes to rearranging heavy furniture.

Also keep in mind moving companies like AAA already have a team of professional staff waiting to help you. They have experience packing and loading a properly equipped truck, and the tools and equipment to take care of heavy items without you risking a physical injury.

There are many services such companies offer, including storage if you aren’t ready to move in immediately. Depending on your needs, using a professional moving company will ultimately save you from making costly moving mistakes. Most importantly, it will leave you with peace of mind, so feel free to reach out if you have any questions or if you’d like a free, no-obligation quote. At AAA Flat Rate, we’re ready to get you headed in the right direction.   



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